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Day 1 / Monday, May 18th

  Space 1 Space 2 Space 3 Space 4
9h doors open, welcoming
9h30  Introduction and presentation circle  
10h30 PeerStorage / André Reinald 
10h45 The Internet Cube / Julien Rabier  
11h Cloud, personal / Tristan Nitot
11h15 Clouder / Yannick Buron
11h30 LibreBoard / Maxime Quandalle
11h45 Governance-by-design & legal challenges in online distributed architectures / Primavera De Filippi
12h Social Linked Data / Henry Story
12h45 Pitching the workshops that didn't have a talk
13h Food!
14h15 Inventaire & Wikidata / Maxime Lathuilière
15h Transformap Migration formats Open Value Network in media industry DSWG
16h30 Wikidata AppPack 16h30-18h: Special video session with Known
18h end, rearranging the room for open labs

OuiShare Labs open meetup 18h30 - 22h

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Day 2 / Tuesday, May 19th

  Space 1 Space 2 Space 3 Space 4
9h doors open, welcoming
9h30 Connected Refugees  
11h15 Decentralized reputation and identity / José Ignacio Fernández
11h30 Decentralized sharing / Michiel de Jong
11h45 VERNE / Scott
12h What it takes to make a Decentralized Collaborative Organisation / Matan Field
12h15 Ecobytes: Community hosting / Jon Richter
12h30 FreedomBox / Markus Sabadello
13h Food!
14h Decentralized reputation and identity SoLid IndieWeb DSWG
16h Camp wrap-up & feedback presentations
17h - 18h last networking & cleaning up ;)